New health problems’ analysis available online

The Department of Analysis and Strategy of the Ministry of Health publishes apps on five health problems

Last year, the Ministry of Health’s analytical team began work on assessing five health problems. This group includes diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, schizophrenia and stroke. The Global Burden of Disease methodology was used to select them, taking into account lost years of life in connection with illness or premature death. The analyzed problems are at the forefront of diseases that burden Polish society, the health care system and the lives of people and families affected by them.
The work was carried out as part of working groups of analysts and specialists in medicine, public health and the healthcare system. Preliminary results were presented to the broad experts group during consultation panels in December 2019.
The final results of the work are now publicly available on the BASiW platform in the form of modern and interactive internet applications.

The example in English for diabetes availabe here.

These tools can be used by decision makers in the healthcare system, public administration staff, doctors, scientists and representatives of patients organizations. The applications include information on epidemiology, treatment pathways and analyzes specific to a given health problem. The tool allows quick access to interesting combinations, by age group, sex and province.