About the Maps at the Economic Forum in Krynica

The current and future role of health needs maps was one of the important issues discussed during the panel Challenges of Civilization Diseases – Oncology and Cardiology, which took place on September 5 within the Health Protection Forum in Krynica. The discussion was attended by representatives of the medical community and the management of the Ministry of Health. As pointed out by Józef Szczurek-Żelazko, secretary of state at the Ministry of Health, the maps are helpful in rational personnel changes and planning of spending funds in health care. Adam Maciejczyk, president of the Polish Oncological Society and director of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław, identified maps as a very useful tool in the investment planning process, highlighting the need for stronger connection with the IOWISZ system (Investment Assessment Instrument in the Health Sector).

Sławomir Gadomski, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, outlined a work plan for maps of health needs for the coming years. He emphasized that as early as 2019, the Ministry of Health is beginning to publish analyzes contained so far in extensive map documents on the online platform. Soon, the form and content of maps as documents will also change – these will be short studies, much simpler and more user-friendly. They will have the nature of strategic documents, containing conclusions and indicating the recommended directions of changes in the health care system resulting from the analyzes carried out.

Video recording of the entire panel is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOODI7tBC-0