Integrated Analytical Platform

What is the aim of the project?

Making analytical tools available in one place to support decision-making in public administration. The project involves the creation of a unified analytical system for public administration, based on the widest possible set of data held by the public administration, which will improve analytical and research processes.

Who is the target group?

Central administration and related entities (public institutions, including: public policy makers, e.g. keepers of registers covered by the project and their subordinate or supervised institutions), labour market institutions (public employment services, Voluntary Labour Corps, employment agencies, training institutions and institutions for community dialogue and local partnership), broadly understood scientific community, citizens and NGOs.

Other information about the project

Operational Programme: Digital Poland 2014-2020

Measure: 2.2 Digitisation of back-office processes in government administration

Funding: European Regional Development Fund

Implementation time: 4 years

Budget: 37,533,028.76 PLN

Scope: national

Role: Project partner