Summary of #EHFG2023 participation!

Fala opływająca kulę ziemską.

The theme of this year’s forum was: Health care systems in crisis. Countering shockwaves and fatigue.

The event was an opportunity to discuss how crises can help catalyze the development of new approaches to health system problems.

One of the points of the forum agenda was our presentation of how to use the health needs map to improve investments in the health sector. In the second part of the panel, participants answered questions about the tools used in their countries to assess health needs and their impact on investment decisions.

The meeting led to the following conclusions:

– to meet health needs, investments play a key role,

– to assess health needs, we need unbiased sources, such as big data analysis,

– when making investment decisions, many factors should be taken into consideration, with health needs in the first place, since they depict inequalities in the health system.