Dissemination conferences are underway

From October 21, 2021 conferences disseminating maps of health needs are underway. The meetings are attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund, voivodeship authorities, local governments, medical universities, service providers and voivodeship consultants.

During the conference are discussed issues related to:

  • maps of health needs in a new formula – selected recommendations,
  • national transformation plan – the most important activities,
  • provincial transformation plan – presentation of the main assumptions.

Participation in the event allows you to learn about the functionality of applications available on the internet platform – System and Implementation Analysis Database.

At the meetings, for a given voivodship is also presented a horizontal analysis, in which the results of analyzes carried out in individual areas of healthcare are discussed and compared with the data for other voivodships and for the entire country.

Photos from the event: