Healthy Future

Zdrowa Przyszłość (Healthy Future). Strategy framework for the development of the health system for 2021-2027, with an outlook to 2030.

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What is this document?

The document identifies the main challenges in the health system. It is the main umbrella strategy document for health. It outlines the necessary directions for change to be taken to ensure that citizens have access to quality health services. It also identifies the main actions to be taken to improve the situation in the Polish health care system. The set objectives and tools provide a strategy framework for the activities of all institutions in health care.
It is a follow-up to the document entitled “Policy Paper dla ochrony zdrowia na lata 2014-2020.” Krajowe ramy strategiczne” (Policy Paper for Health Care 2014-2020. National Strategy Framework). (Policy Paper).

What is the structure of the document?

In the first part, the document presents the demographic and epidemiological situation and an overview of the health sector in Poland: organisation of the health system, organisation of health services, coordinated care and deinstitutionalisation, preventive care, human resources, infrastructure, information technology, innovation, medical R&D, quality, science and the response to emergencies. The diagnosis drew on a number of different sources, most notably the Map of Health Needs.
In the following section, the document identifies the most relevant strategic determinants of policy implementation in health care. It then identifies a vision and objectives grouped into areas: patient, processes, development, finance. In the last section, it shows the possible intervention and the tools assigned to them.

What is included in the annexes?

One of the desirable directions for the development of the health care system identified in the document is deinstitutionalisation. Detailed solutions were adopted first for two areas: mental health care and care for the elderly. Two documents have been prepared for them and are attached to the document.

Legal basis

Act of 6 December 2006 Principles of the Development Policy Dz.U. /Journal of Laws/ of 2021, item 1057. Adopted by Resolution No. 196/2021 of the Council of Ministers of 27 December 2021 on the establishment of a public policy entitled “Zdrowa Przyszłość. Ramy strategiczne rozwoju systemu ochrony zdrowia na lata 2021–2027, z perspektywą do 2030 r.” (RM-06111-193-21).