This study is an attempt to present the methods in the quantitative approach to health needs in Poland and the potential for application of analyses in decisions on structural and functional transformations in the health care system.

The presented content is a must-read for health care executives, advisors, and analysts. This publication aims to present the range of necessary analyses and their results in order to establish future health needs.

The publication starts with contemplations concerning the model depiction of health care system financing. This is followed by an international review of oncologic and cardiologic benefit financing, the financing of oncologic benefits in Poland, and the cardiologic benefit contracting standards. The publication also takes an extended look into international standards concerning the modelling of costs in oncologic and cardiologic diseases and the quantitative measures in evaluation of health care benefits in Poland on the example of the two aforementioned disease groups. The book ends by presenting a model of projection of the demand for health care benefits and analysis of the human resources in cardiology and oncology.

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