Maps of health needs – System and Implementation Analysis Database

Project concept and objective

The project aims to improve the quality of health care management and project the directions of necessary changes in the system – based on conducted analyses – in order to fulfil the health needs of the public. As documents, the maps constitute a tool supporting executive decisions in areas like investments (such as construction and modernisation of health care establishments or equipment purchases), creation of benefit purchase plans and contractor with the National Health Fund, or development of the guaranteed benefit basket.

Target group

The project is aimed to the executives of health care establishments and administrators of public health care resources on a regional and national scale. The data and analyses obtained during the project are also useful for purposes of government administration authorities and health care institutions like the Ministry of Health, the Sejm and Senate Health Committee, the National Health Fund Centre and its voivodeship branches, the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene, as well as poviat and gmina authorities and voivodeship and marshal’s offices.