The maps are a collection of statistics, analyses, conclusions and recommendations on the demographic and epidemiological situation, the services provided, as well as personnel and equipment resources. They are used for forecasting future needs for individual provinces and the country as a whole. The maps show the widest range of the most up-to-date data on the healthcare system and are available to the general public. The Ministry of Health compiles them in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders: medical experts, healthcare providers, health sector institutions, etc.

DoUntil 2018, the maps were published as documents comprising many pages.
The current map for 2022–2026 consists of:

  1. A platform with the Database of Systemic and Implementation Analyses in the form of interactive applications (https://basiw.mz.gov.pl/en/maps-of-health-needs/map-of-health-needs-for-the-period-2022-2026/analyses/),
  2. A report indicating the challenges of the healthcare system and recommended courses of action (https://basiw.mz.gov.pl/en/maps-of-health-needs/map-of-health-needs-for-the-period-2022-2026/analyses/).

The Map of Health Needs uses data from:

  • the National Health Fund,
  • the Register of Entities Performing Medical Activities,
  • Statistics Poland,
  • the Institute of Mother and Child,
  • the National Cancer Registry,
  • the Ministry of Family and Social Policy,
  • the Ministry of Digital Affairs,
  • the Command Support System of the National Emergency Medical Services,
  • Social Insurance Institution,
  • reports submitted by healthcare providers as part of official statistics.

We update the published data and analyses at least once a year. Additionally, we introduce new indicators or improve the applications to make them easy to use and user-friendly.

The Map of Health Needs is a tool that helps to make objective management decisions in health care. These decisions may concern, for example, the implementation of investments, changes in the offer and contracting of services, the development of procurement plans or the development of a package of guaranteed services.

The list of users of the Map of Health Needs is very long. The most important of them include:

  • patients,
  • healthcare providers, i.e. proprietors and managers of healthcare facilities,
  • local government units,
  • provincial authorities,
  • National Health Fund,
  • the Minister of Health.

Maps of Health Needs are developed at the Department of Analysis and Strategy of the Ministry of Health by a team of specialists in economic modelling and statistical analysis. Medical experts (practitioners, national and provincial consultants) and public health experts participate in the assessment of the maps.

Yes, it does. We have included data on the health services provided to COVID-19 patients in the 2022–2026 Map of Health Needs. These can be found at https://basiw.mz.gov.pl/en/analyses/covid-19-pandemic-in-poland/.