More health care system data available online

Information on demographics, epidemiology, epidemiological forecasts, and risk and prevention factors is now available on the Database of System and Implementation Analyses platform. The Ministry oh Health has released more interactive applications with maps of health needs that will allow users to navigate the statistics more efficiently.

The applications were prepared using the most recent data available. They include analyses from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD), with results made available at the voivodeship level for the first time. Their creation was made possible thanks to the cooperation with the University of Washington in Seattle.

Including a wider range of data will enable a better understanding of the health needs of Poles.

The applications can be accessed without logging in, via the “Maps of Health Needs 2020” subpage. When the user opens it, they will be able to see icons depicting different scopes of analysis, such as primary health care, hospital treatment, and medical equipment. Clicking on a selected scope of services will redirect the user to the relevant application or report. This allows users to independently and easily view the information of interest to them. At the top, there is a bar with tabs for individual analyses, while on the left side there is a box with filters that let the user select a specific range of presented data (year, voivodeship, diagnosis, medical personnel, etc.). It is also possible to download data in .xlsx or .csv format.

Check out the applications on the platform >>.